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Xanis - Battle With Seezer 2 Xanis - Battle With Seezer 2

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This is tits.


WinglessStudios responds:

hahaha thanx bro!!

A New Path To Kill A New Path To Kill

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Extra chunky peanut butter. Chunk chunk chunk chunk!

AbsenceofFear responds:


Xanis - The Fire-Starters Xanis - The Fire-Starters

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Now you see the power of the pulse :)

Sucks you in and keeps you there. This song is dope. I would totally rock this jam in my car.

unch unch unch unch

Keep up the good work brother!!!

WinglessStudios responds:

Yeah I guess I do lol thanx for the review bro!!

Xanis - Flight Of The Nexus II Xanis - Flight Of The Nexus II

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Sounds like a Final Fantasy boss fight!!! Mana Buffer on Tifa! Man, Tifa... Now those were some video game tits.

WinglessStudios responds:

Then my goal is accomplished lol Inspired by Final Fantasy IV music I bring you all the Xanis music. Thanx for the review bro. Till next time!

A Mission Of Hope Instrumental A Mission Of Hope Instrumental

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I like the displacement

I am thoroughly enjoying the displacement of the instruments, though the bass must be centered for a full sound.. There is a cool groove going on here. Can I give you advice? Pursue a career in video game music. You have the mind for it. Everything I have ever heard from you sounds like a video game score. I don't see this playing from people's car stereos, but I can definitely see this as some final fantasy boss music!!!

Also, work on your hooks. Pick a part of the song you really like, and bring that back every now and then as a reassurance. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, breakdown, verse, chorus, ect. The verse being your main fill. and the chorus being the catchy hook that you wait for while the verse plays though. This definitely falls under the category of progressive. For your future pieces, focus on structure. But yeah, if this was on a final fantasy game or something, it would definitely be setting an awesome mood. Good work buddy!

WinglessStudios responds:

Hmm thanx for the advice! And ofcourse thanx for the compliments I'll work on what you've explained!

Shadowgate - Game Over (Remix) Shadowgate - Game Over (Remix)

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Best NES game ever made. There were 2 other games like shadowgate too and I loved them. Oh man... memories...

Thanks for that.

krimbe responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed. :) Shadowgate was also one of my favorite childhood games, despite the fact the Game Over screen really scared the crap out of me back then. It still gives me the creeps. Same thing with Zelda 2's Game over screen with Ganon and his 8-bit laughter. Man, that thing gave me nightmares.

Skavenger Skavenger

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Haunted Guitar [Gian] Haunted Guitar [Gian]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice

Love the instrumentals man. This track was nice and creepy. What kind of distortion did you use? If you like instrumental guitar stuff you should check out some of my work.

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Super Man! Batman! Beatman! Super Man! Batman! Beatman!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I think Im gonna spit a flow to this one :)

A bit repetitive, but what the hell ever :)

Dskillz responds:

thank chief, but all hip hop is repetitive :)